Employer FAQ

Working with Infotree Global Solutions Solutions

Q: How does a staffing agency work? Can you help me know it?

A: Our expert team of recruiters and consultants is passionate about finding suitable matches for our employers and clients across the world. Backing on the expertise of our team of recruiters and consultants, we find and connect you with the right match having relevant experience in the field you are looking for hiring. You can simply browse our candidates or let us know your unique hiring needs. We excel at finding skilled professionals for your company quicker than you imagine. Owing to our excellence in filling hard-to-find positions, we have become an award-winning staffing vendor for top organizations. For personalized hiring assistance, dial (734) 927-3175 and connect with us.

Q: Where are your offices located?

A: With our offices located in 30 counties around the globe, Infotree Global Solutions is ready to ease you off with active assistance. Search our office at your nearest location.

Office Locations:
AMERICAS: Plymouth (Michigan), San Jose (Costa Rica), Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Providencia (Chile), Peru, Mexico City, Quebec

EMEA: Poland, Stockholm, Germany, Denmark, London, Dublin, Netherlands.

APAC: New Delhi, Indore, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Sydney, China, Malaysia, Singapore.

Q: Do I need to pay for your services?

A: Yes, there are charges for using our staffing agency for your hiring needs. At our company, we are dedicated to helping clients sustain a competitive advantage by getting the best-fit talent onboard. With our global presence, we assist you to hire within no time leveraging on the expertise of our recruitment consultants. So, if you wish to save time and money to find highly skilled employees, our staffing experts are there for you. Contact us on 734-927-3175 or email us at ITG@infotreeglobal.com

Q: What are the advantages of working with Infotree Global Solutions?

A: We help our clients find the right talents that help them gain a competitive advantage. To achieve high-quality outcomes and to get along with your hiring needs, we are engaged in programs that encourage continuous improvement and execution using a professional approach. We enhance our efforts to recruit experienced professionals with the right skill set for the world’s leading organizations and hence, enable them to retain more diverse office staff.

Searching Talent

Q: What industries do you serve?

A: As we are operating 150+ countries worldwide through our offices at different locations, we are able to assist organizations of all sizes to acquire the talent they are looking for. No matter whether you need a financial expert or a skilled IT professional, we are there for you. Our global operation has assisted us to cater to a number of industries like Engineering, Automotive, Information Technology, and Financial Services. Besides, we have the ability to fill in positions in Manufacturing, Retail, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Digital, and Healthcare industries. Know more about our staffing services.

Q: How much time do you take to fill my open position?

A: At Infotree Global Solutions, we are dedicated to staffing your jobs immediately with our vast network across the world. We are able to fill hard-to-find positions and can deliver skilled professionals to your company quickly as well as cost-efficiently. Be it contract staffing, SOW, independent contracting solutions, or permanent placement, we help you get the best talent on board within no time.

Q: I have multiple open positions to fill in my company. Can you assist?

A: Yes, we can. Based on your business requirements and top assignments, we can help you hire one candidate or an entire team of skilled professionals, whether it is for temporary, project-based, or permanent placement. Share your unique hiring needs with us and leave the worries behind.

Q: What happens if I find a candidate’s performance unsatisfied?

A: At Infotree Global Solutions, we serve as your trusted partner to provide the right professional to get the assignments completed, and hence, we offer a service guarantee. Contact our consultants to find more details.

Timesheets and Payroll

Q: What if I do not receive my login information to approve timesheets?

A: First, it is recommended to go through your email carefully. You must have got an auto-generated email from us with your login credentials. However, if you did not receive even an auto-generated email, you can always contact our customer care service to get new login credentials at:


Q: What is the process to approve online timesheets?

A: You can simply access the login page and wait for approval. If you come across multiple timesheets for approval, there will be a list. You can fill the required fields that will help you approve the online timesheets. Once you have reviewed the timesheet, you should click approve to submit the same.


Q: How can I access and view past timesheets?

A: We make sure to make Timesheets available from the last 12 months. To access past timesheets, you need to log in to your online profile with us. Once you access the page, fill up the fields with required information and click on the Timesheet History. You will be able to view all the past timesheets.

Q: Who should I connect with payroll queries?

A: You can feel free to contact our Customer Service for payroll and time reporting questions. Connect with us at:


Need More Assistance?

Offering an excellent customer experience is what we are committed to. To interact with our Customer Service team or share your valuable suggestions, you are welcome to email us at ITG@infotreeglobal.com